An Unexpected Thank You

By: Rebecca Heinrich

It was Fall Break, and I was at my home working on an assigned online course.  As I headed to the school to print my completion certificate, I noticed B.P., a recovering addict and current resident on our campus, walking outside.  I waved and called out, "Hi B.P!"  He came over and started telling me that the JesusAndMe leader had asked him to help with the recovery meeting tonight.  

B.P. said he needed to thank me for saving his life.  Bewildered, I said, "What do you mean?"  He repeated himself, and added that he had been calling out for help and no one else noticed, but me.  He seemed to be thanking me [and my class] for noticing his wayward activities with the drug house next door and reporting it to a campus administrator.  This way he could get help and get back on track.  With a sincere smile, I said, "Thank you for taking it that way," as I extended my hand to him.  He shook my hand, hugged me, and walked away.  

Working at Chinle Adventist Elementary School (CAES) is much more than a straightforward teaching job.  Our community deals with special challenges that affect us all.  On this day, I had not been feeling well, but this surprise contact gave me renewed energy.  What a blessing an unexpected turn of events can be.   

Rebecca Heinrich is an elementary teacher at Chinle Adventist Elementary School.