What is NEW YOU?

The NEW (Nutrition, Exercise, and Wellness) You Health Initiative seeks to improve every dimension in the lives of our students to help make their futures brighter.


The program has four pillars - Mental, Academic, Physical, and Spiritual. Each one is a fundamental component of the students’ environment and education with specific, practical applications.



mental health

Our students often have troubling circumstances in their lives that can limit their ability to learn. Overcoming the mental roadblocks that these experiences and behavioral patterns create is a big challenge. We want to do more for our students by providing them with individualized counseling services. Counselors assist students in expressing their stories and assess how to change negative behaviors and thought patterns. 

academic achievement

When a child’s body, mind, and soul are balanced and tuned, that child is better prepared to explore the world. We want to provide our students with the ability to not only survive but also to thrive in their careers and in their communities as innovative members of society. We believe that when a balance of physical, mental, and spiritual health is reached, academic excellence is inevitable. 


physical health

Physical health and activity remain important to the development of young people, but our programs take that support to the next level.

Garden-to-Plate Program. This agricultural learning and development platform allows our students to spend constructive time outdoors while learning how to grow foods that will end up on their own plates. 

Eating Plan Program. The focus here is on improving the nutritional value of the food provided to our students. 

Individual Sleep Plan. Studies show that a lack of adequate sleep is part of what makes children’s lives difficult to manage, particularly in the adolescent years. We intend to dramatically improve this aspect of our students’ academic experience.  

spiritual health

To us, spiritual health is the state of being close to God and nature. We want to facilitate this growth on a personal level through a chaplaincy program. Our goal is to reach the hearts of young people and help them find healing, forgiveness, and joy in God’s creation. 


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