They didn't stop with Holbrook...


Karen Davis-Gorman

The road of life is never straight, but Karen’s experience at Holbrook Indian School helped continue her journey in a more productive way. She’s raised a family and has taken on the responsibility of caring for her father’s land and horses.

Jovannah poor bear-adams

It’s one thing to be thoughtfully artistic, but Jovannah also amazed us with her speed. She carved her story as fast as we could write it. Some people’s handwriting is just plain beautiful to look at. But when the words add up to a compelling story — that’s art. 

That’s Jovannah.



Gene Chee

Gene’s company has projects all over the Navajo country and beyond. He credits Holbrook Indian School with instilling in him the moral compass that helped make him a successful business owner. As a big-time construction manager, he’s constantly on the move. 

We’d work for him if he’d hire us. Don’t you think he deserves to be in a truck advertisement?

amos and gary holiday

Amos and Gary are totally fun-loving. Can you tell? They took us on a private tour of their former family land, which houses ancient ruins and a special view of the valley through Tear Drop Rock. Amos found out how much fun it is to do time-lapse photography ­— like watching paint dry. 


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