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Holbrook Indian School (HIS) is a first- through twelfth-grade boarding academy providing Native American children and youth a safe place to live, learn, and grow for more than 70 years. Located in Holbrook, Arizona, HIS is operated by the Pacific Union Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist church. HIS also manages a first through eighth-grade day school on the Navajo reservation in Chinle, Arizona. 80% of funding comes from individuals who have a desire to make a positive change in Native American communities.


The fact is many Native American children face challenges in their social and academic lives. Our programs are designed to heal and engage.

We Care
We employ and nurture, believing strongly in the healing process and nurturing the creative spirit. That's the thread through the physical, mental, spiritual, and academic world we create. We have an initiative - NEW You - that embraces those four pillars of the human learning experience. NEW stands for Nutrition Exercise and Wellness. Because our students study and live on campus, we believe in improving the body as well as the mind. 


Outdoor School
We love our Outdoor School Program! Outdoor school is more than just going outside the classroom; it's actually going camping and holding school in Zion National Park. We aim to create a learning environment where healing and engaging students extends beyond academics to putting them in nature. It's so much more than just stepping outside the classroom on a sunny day. We go camping. We study in a native environment. We explore places of historical significance and beauty like Canyon de Chelly National Park. We mountain bike. We swim. We hike. We trek. We hold outdoor sporting activities.

To us, this is key for students to be able to learn academic skills and life skills. And it's fun!


Providing Mental, Academic, Physical, and Spiritual Health

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The mind can propel or inhibit progress. For those with Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), we provide on-site clinical counseling, group therapy, and trauma therapy. Students can't learn until they can truly feel free - we provide that freedom.

It's our mission to make you succeed! That's why Holbrook offers a one year post-high school graduation transition program. On top of that, we assist students in navigating the application processes for colleges and scholarships.

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We LOVE camping, hiking, horseback riding, and mountain biking. Being in nature boosts students' learning ability. That's why we do outdoor school retreats and take ski trips. Learning is more than just working the mind, it's working the body!

We believe in Creator-based spiritual well-being. Holbrook provides a safe space for students with spiritual guidance. We encourage a 24-hour period of homework-free, work-free, stress-free healing each week.

courage and leadership

Meet Jovannah


Jovannah Poor Bear Adams is more than just the Dean of Students for Holbrook Indian School, she is a testimony. She has survived the unspeakable, something that is unfortunately all too common on the reservation. Now, through education, she is leading others in breaking this cycle. See her journey from dark to light.


Meet Kobe


Kobe is a runner. 5k, 10k, half-marathon - he's done them all. Kobe runs "Just Move It," a series of races sponsored by the Navajo Nation. But running isn't the only thing he's accelerating in, Kobe also joined the accelerated math program. Read how Holbrook is making both school and long-distance training easier for Kobe.

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Meet Shawnewa


Shawnewa is fearless. After the passing of her grandfather, she honored his final wishes by attending Holbrook - where she got baptized. Ignored and insulted by family, Shawnewa stayed strong until her positive change in spirit began to melt their hearts. After much prayer, her mother finally approved of her Christianity. Read her story of bravery.


what's going on

we tell stories through art


When Jasmine crafts her art, her work reflects her emotions. As she put it: a year later she can look at her pot and tell you exactly what she was feeling when she made it.


Art is more than just painting and drawing; it's welding, crafting, woodworking, and other practical vocational arts. Students' work is both therapeutic and beautiful.


We live in the middle of America's natural beauty. So why not capture it? Experience the desert landscape through our photos.

We love our Alumni

Gates Millennium Scholars, Circuit Court Judge, nurses, lawyers, members of the US armed forces, chief mechanic for the US Navy Blue Angels
- all alumni. Our 70+ year track record of success means students leave with more than a diploma; they leave with drive.

Come on a photo Safari

Holbrook photo essay

The Shae Foundation recently published this spectacular book of iconic images from Holbrook and the Southwest. Don't miss it!

Over 70 pages of gorgeous photos that tell the Holbrook Indian School story. A great addition to any collection! Plus, the proceeds go toward changing lives at Holbrook. Donate now to get your book.

Order prints: Holbrook is now accepting orders for individual prints.


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