Empowerment Scholarship Account

The Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA), places state dollars designated for a child’s education in a personal account that parents can manage to cover the cost of customized learning. Account funds can cover multiple education options, including private school tuition. With provision specifically tailored to Native American youth, these funds can provide essential resources to keeping students in a quality school with programs designed to meet their academic needs.


ESA Qualification and Documentation Requirements:

  • Student lives within the boundaries of an Arizona Indian reservation
  • Applicant/Legal Guardian is listed on Birth Certificate (or other legal documentation)
  • Student and Applicant/Legal Guardian are Arizona residents
  • Student attended an Arizona public or charter school for the first 100 days of the prior year, or Student received a School Tuition Organization (STO) for Displaced and Disabled or Lexie’s Law and had 90 membership days (or one semester of enrollment) in the prior year before accepting the scholarship
  • Applicant/Legal Guardian resides within the boundaries of an Arizona Indian Reservation and provides one of the following forms of documentation:
    • Real Estate Deed
    • Property Tax
    • Current Utility Bill
    • Lease or Rental Agreement
    • Arizona ID or Driver’s License (No PO Box)
    • Mortgage Document
    • W2 Statement
    • Tribal Enrollment Certification (No PO Box)