“students retrace navajo long walk”

Pacific Union Recorder - August 2019
Students retrace the historical Navajo Long Walk from the 1800s.
By Anita Ojeda

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“Celebration culture at holbrook indian school”

Pacific Union Recorder - July 2019
Holbrook Indian School (HIS) seeks to reconnect students to their Native culture, while providing a safe place for Native American children and youth to become successful individuals who are proud of their culture.
By Alyssa Williams and Kelly Williams

“Summer leadership program: a safe haven”

Pacific Union Recorder - June 2019
HIS’s Summer Leadership Program continues to provide a safe haven, which many of our students depend on, through the summer months.
By Kelly Williams

“Adrian Wiles: a cycle breaker”

Pacific Union Recorder - May 2019
Native youth face some of the lowest graduation rates. Adrian is breaking that cycle.
By Alyssa Williams

“Hope: A Future Without Poverty on the Reservation”

Pacific Union Recorder - April 2019
Holbrook aids in breaking the “Rez mindset,” providing students with the mindset needed to escape poverty.
By Jolina Barron

“Healing with Horses”

Pacific Union Recorder - March 2019
Holbrook’s horse program provides a healing and safe place for students to thrive.
By Alyssa Williams

“Mentoring Makes a Difference at Holbrook Indian School”

Pacific Union Recorder - February 2019
This school year God has been blessing the HIS counseling department with many miracles of healing.
By Giselle Ortiz and Loren Fish

“What is Life?”

Pacific Union Recorder - January 2019
Laqueta, a 10th-grader, shares her spoken word of her battles and victory.
By Laqueta

“outdoor school: zion national park”

Pacific Union Recorder - December 2018
Students exercise the NEW You health initiative in Zion National Park.
By Alyssa Williams

“Holbrook indian school celebrates native culture through education”

Pacific Union Recorder - November 2018
From art to history classes, HIS students learn more about their own Navajo nation.
By Katie Freeland

“Holbrook Indian School connects students with their creator”

Pacific Union Recorder - October 2018
HIS’s New You Initiative empowers students to establish healthy habits for a lifetime.
By Diana Fish

“Breaking the Cycle at Holbrook Indian School”

Pacific Union Recorder - October 2018
Jovannah shares her journey and how Holbrook became her sanctuary.
By Céleste Perrino-Walker

“changing the face of education for native students”

NAD News - April 4, 2018
Jovannah Poor Bear-Adams draws from her life experience and education at Union to help change the lives of her students at Holbrook Indian School.
By Michael Rohm

“Beyond the classroom”

Pacific Union Recorder - September 2018
Fred bruce teaches HIS students lessons for life
By Katie Freeland

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"Mission SONlight: HIS Tradition"

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"HIS Summer Leadership Program"

Pacific Union Recorder - August 2018
Holbrook's Summer Program provides a safe space and opportunities during the off-season.
By Jovannah Poor Bear-Adams and Diana Fish

"Music Enrichment Experience"

Pacific Union Recorder - July 2018
Holbrook students take their music education on the road with the Music Enrichment Program, traveling to Northern Arizona University's School of Music.
By Katie Freeland

"A Culture In Crisis"

Pacific Union Recorder - June 2018
Students at HIS are learning from the past to improve the future. Holbrook is making a difference in the lives of its students' health and wellbeing.
By Katie Freeland

"How does his garden grow?"

Pacific Union Recorder - May 2018
HIS students learn to grow their own food.
By Jim Hunt and Diana Fish

"Hope on Horseback"

Adventist Mission Spotlight - April 7, 2018
Native American children in Arizona often face challenges on the reservation. Holbrook Indian School gives students the chance to create a better future and find hope in Jesus.


Pacific Union Recorder - April 2018
HIS Object of Education
By Diana Fish

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"Changing the Face of Education"

Union College News - March 2018
North American Division (reprint) - April 2018

Jovannah Poor-Bear Adams draws on her own life experience and education at Union to help change the lives of her students at Holbrook Indian School.
By Michael Rohm

"We're Not Horsing Around"

Pacific Union Recorder - March 2018
HIS Horses Serve as Teachers and Friends
By Fred Bruce and Diana Fish


all god's people spot

HOLBROOK STUDENTS REPRESENT AT NAVAJO NATION SCIENCE FAIR Last week, our young scholars from Holbrook Indian School participated in the Navajo Nation Science Fair, held in Window Rock, Arizona. After completing projects for their own science fair, Holbrook students joined neighboring schools for the annual science fair held for schools across the Navajo Nation. Two Holbrook students brought home awards from the event. Congratulations to Maribel, fifth place in the Senior Division, in the field of Biology, and Logan, 1st place in the High School Division, in the field of Chemistry. We are so proud of these young people—and for the dedicated teachers at Holbrook Indian School, a one of a kind mission among Native Americans, operated by the Pacific Union.

"Taking education outside"

Pacific Union Recorder - February 2018
Rethinking Best Practices in Education
By Pedro Ojeda, Principal


"Stem Education at Holbrook Indian School"

Pacific Union Recorder - January 2018
Mission Group Teaches STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math
By Diana Fish, CFRE, and Anita Ojeda

"From Southwest to SoutheasT"

Pacific Union Recorder - November 2017
HIS Student Extends the Healing Ministry of Christ
By Diana Fish




"Outdoor School"

Pacific Union Recorder - October 2017
Outdoor School: Geology, Water Ecology, Preparedness and Survival

"It Hurts When You Say His Name"

Adventist Mission News
When the pastor mentioned Jesus, the girl jerked violently and cried out, “Shut up!”
By Andrew McChesney,

Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 6.19.52 PM.png
Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 6.14.17 PM.png

Third Grader Misses Home and Alcohol at Holbrook Indian School

Adventist Mission News
Adrian Wiles learns about Jesus and is baptized
By Andrew McChesney,

"More than 60 students registered at holbrook indian school"

Pacific Union Recorder - September 2017
Children travel from reservations hours away to register at Holbrook.
By Diana Fish

Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 7.42.24 PM.png

"Demons Talk to Me"

Adventist Missions News
A boy learns about Jesus during a night walk at Holbrook Indian School in Arizona.
By Andrew McChesney,

"new you health initiative" - pacific union recorder

Pacific Union Recorder - August 2017
News and inspiration for Seventh-day Adventist Church members in the Pacific Southwest.

All God's People spot

"All God's People," with Connie Vandeman Jeffery and Ricardo Graham, for the week of August 18, 2017—including stories from Sparks, Nevada; Holbrook Indian School in Arizona; and a special message from Elder Ricardo Graham about the events in Charlottesville, VA.

"Breaking the cycle of poverty and abuse among native americans" - adventist review

July 2017
Holbrook Indian School seeks to fulfill the mandate of Adventist education.
By Diana Fish, Pacific Union Recorder

"Six Students Baptized at Holbrook Indian School" - Pacific Union Recorder

Pacific Union Recorder - July 2017  
News and inspiration for Seventh-day Adventists in Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, and Utah.

American Indian Living Interview - Diana & Loren

Title: Out of Your Comfort Zone
Guests: Diana Fish, Director of Development, and Loren Fish, LCSW, Clinical Counselor; Holbrook Indian School
Description: Loren and Diana Fish left successful careers and comfortable surroundings to make a difference in Indian Country. Learn how the principles that guided their journey can make a difference in your own life.

American Indian Living Interview - Jovannah

Title: Finding “A New You”
Guests: Jovannah Poor Bear Adams (Oglala Lakota), Vice Principal, Holbrook Indian School, with students: Adrian Wiles, Johanna Tso, and Shayla Tso
Description: Holbrook Indian School has been promoting cultural awareness and development of indigenous skills for its student body. Learn how their “New You” initiative can make a difference in your home, community, or tribe.