“I love to exercise,” freshman Kobe Draper says, “and one of my favorite classes this year is Conditioning Class.”  With Kobe, it’s not just hyperbole. 

During the summer, he not only trains as a long-distance runner, he attends a series of races sponsored by the Navajo Nation called “Just Move It.” He easily runs five-minute miles and has participated in a handful of half-marathons as well as numerous 5 and 10K races. 

Kobe takes a thoughtful break during welding class.

Kobe takes a thoughtful break during welding class.

Kobe came to Holbrook Indian School as a third-grader. “It was easy to come here,” he said, “because I hated my old school. My mom cried over me, though.” Although he misses his mom, he sees a difference in his life when he’s at school. “School keeps me on track and in control,” Kobe says. “When I’m here, it’s easier to do the right thing.” 

Mr. Hubbard teaches Kobe's favorite class and his most difficult class: Bible and math. “I love Bible class because I gain a lot of wisdom from reading and memorizing scripture.” Math class, on the other hand, challenges him because he knows he is several years behind academically. “I’m getting better” Kobe says, because this year he was able to join the Accelerated Math program at the school. By his senior year he hopes to be prepared for college.

Kobe sees himself finishing high school and college in the next ten years.  He hasn’t chosen a career path for certain, although he enjoys welding.  “Maybe I’ll study to be a pastor,” he adds.